Water Generation Capacity: Up to 7.9 gal / 30 L per day
Required Power: 110 – 120V / 0.6 – 1.5kW
Water Tanks Volume: 5 gal / 18.9 L
    * Hot 0.2 gal, Cold 2.5 gal & Collection 2.3 gal
Water Temperature: Hot – Cold
Dimension: 20″ x 12.9″ x 48.6″
Net Weight: 161 lbs

Special Features: Customizable video feature ideal for businesses and commercial settings. Completely programmable temperatures with Hottest-Hot and Coldest-Cold of any AWG on the market.

Equipped with incredible safety features like a child lock for dispensing hot water, leak detector to prevent spills or damaged floors, and TDS (total dissolved solid) sensor to ensure your water is always meeting the highest water quality standards.

Option to connect to municipal water supply. Great for regions where humidity is seasonal and water vapor density drops in winter months.


The WS-5 is ideal for at-home or in-office consumption. The sleek contemporary design makes for a seamless addition to any space. Enjoy a state-of-the-art customizable touchscreen. Beautiful full color HD touch-screen display allows endless possibilities to create a fully customizable display for your home or business. Create stunning videos or slideshows and even upload personal avatars and create individual profiles. This machine keeps track of your water consumption in a fun and competitive way and tells you how many plastic bottles you have saved.

The phone app and interactive touchscreen engage users and offers water consumption data and environmental facts. Bring your hydration habits to the next level!

The WS-5 offers you the unique ability to create a Hydration Profile so you can access personal water facts such as the amount of water you have consumed to date and the positive environmental impact you’re having from using the WS-5. Plus, you can set daily hydration goals and track your progress every day.

Amazing Reusable Electrostatic filter technology that is easily rinsed and returned to the machine in minutes.  Another wonderful way to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle and cut down on waste filling our landfills.



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