Water Generation Capacity: Up to 238 gal / 900 L per day
Required Power: 5.6 – 10kW
Water Tank Volume: 34.3 gal / 130 L
Water Temperature: Ambient
Dimension: 55″ x 55″ x 60″
Net Weight: 1720 lbs

Special Features: The solution to your community’s water problems. This mobile unit is ideal for communities or commercial structures. Also ideal for emergency preparedness or special events requiring mobile water.

The trailer comes outfitted with 4 faucets and two hose bibs. Fully capable of meeting many different types of uses and many people at once.


The WW-200T is ideal for communities, events or office building consumption and perfect for emergency mitigation plans, construction sites, or even events such as concerts and sporting events. The water generated is pH 6.5-8.5.

The WW-200T is engineered specifically for mobile use cases.  In addition to the AWG positioned on top of this trailer, WAIEA also offers a quiet diesel generator with a large fuel capacity to meet the needs of the most dire situations.

This AWG can switch from generator power to a local power source easily at any time making it a versatile option. Very durable and highly rated trailer capable of reaching even the most remote off road locations.



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