WAIEA Water Foundation is grateful for your support in helping to fulfill our current fundraisers and projects. Since our inception in 2022, we have already accomplished a milestone project bringing clean water to remote Fiji. Check out our current and past projects below.

Red Hill Elementary School Fundraiser for Clean Water

We are raising $50,000 to bring a 100 gallon WS-100 Atmospheric Water Generator to Red Hill Elementary on Oahu. The local municipal water has been contaminated by jet fuel and is unsafe to use. This AWG donation will produce water to keep the keiki hydrated and focused throughout the school day and beyond. It will also eliminate the school’s reliance on plastic bottled water.

Now through June 2023, WAIEA Water will donate a portion of proceeds from online and in-store purchases towards this fundraiser. Alternatively, you can donate directly through our GoFundMe campaign.

WAIEA Water Brings Clean Drinking Water to Remote Fiji

With the support of a generous donor, WAIEA Water was able to bring clean, safe and accessible drinking water to Mau Village in Fiji. Students at local primary school will thrive, the community will survive seasons of drought, and all will enjoy an enhanced quality of life with Atmospheric Water Generation powered by solar.

Mau Village School Director says they will no longer drink polluted water. The project will help the students focus during the school year and elevate the health standards of those students and the community nearby.

This project was made possible by a private donation. If you or your network are interested in becoming a donor or sponsoring a water project, please contact WAIEA Water Foundation today.